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Welcome to the Sweetwater Studios news page!

Make this page a regular stop to learn about everything that is happening here at Sweetwater Studios. On this page you will find an archive of notable performances, informative articles about the recording industry at large, or anything that is new and noteworthy here at Sweetwater Studios. 



What do Usher, Chaka Khan, Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Ariana Grande, the Backstreet Boys, Carrie Underwood, and Israel Houghton have in common? The Grammy Award–nominated, percussive chops of renowned drummer and producer Aaron Spears. From world tours to local workshops, Aaron’s skills have rightfully earned him a place among the premier percussionists and drummers of the past 20 years. Sweetwater was more than happy to have Aaron drop by our studio to deliver a superlative lesson and playthrough of Dory Lobel’s “Golden Rock.” Check it out!

Hot off the heels of releasing The Dio Album, Paul Gilbert stopped by Sweetwater Studios to talk all things riffs, gear, and the legacy of the late Ronnie James Dio. Oh, he also treated us to a searing performance of his cover of Dio’s “Holy Diver,” aided by Sweetwater’s own sound hounds Nick Bowcott, Don Carr, Nick D’Virgilio, and Sweetwater Sales Engineer Andy Rice, on guitars, drums, and bass, respectively. Besides honoring Dio’s extensive catalogue of timeless tunes, Paul took a distinct approach to voicing by eschewing vocals and expressing those lines on the guitar, resulting in a unique take on these classic tracks that retains the unbridled spirit that defined Ronnie James Dio’s work throughout his life. Take a listen!

t’s not often you find a drummer whose talents allow them to split their time across the massive sonic spectrum of talents like Suicidal Tendencies, DJ Premier, or Alice in Chains’ William DuVall. Greyson Nekrutman is that drummer, sharing the stage with them and many more throughout his illustrious career. With such a meteoric rise, the obvious question remains: what goes into his kit to tear down the house night after night? We caught up with Greyson to find out. Take a look!

Hot off the release of their self-titled full-length, Jared James Nichols and his power trio drop by Sweetwater Studios to record an exclusive version of “Down the Drain.” Deconstructed and stripped back, this cut features an acoustic guitar and sparing instrumentation that prioritizes Jared’s signature vocal style and songwriting to more intimately drive home its lyrical heart. Take a listen!

Members of TACKHEAD have been at the vanguard of industrial and commercial hip-hop for decades. Formed as a passion project by ace session musicians hungry for more, the group pushes technology and technique to the limit in search of musical and human connections. We’re joined by the band for a very special live performance of four tracks: “Rock This House“, “Cinderella“, “My Friend Sin,“ and “Repetition.” What’s more, the legendary Adrian Sherwood handled live mixing duties with Sweetwater Studios’ own Rupert Neve Designs 5088 analog mixing console. Check it out!

Hailing from the deserts of Arizona, the Black Moods brought the heat to Sweetwater Studios with an exclusive live performance of their infectious jam, “Hollywood.” Take a look!

Jared James Nichols and Sweetwater Studios’ Shawn Dealey take a break from recording for a wide-ranging chat about studio ins and outs — what it’s like to be on either end of a great recording session? The duo talks about curating gear for Sweetwater Studios and sessions in general, as well as how to experiment with unusual guitar setups. Shawn shares about his favorite mics for guitar cabinets and how he tailors mics to different players depending on tone and technique. They get into some spicy takes on studio pedalboards and tips for beginners when entering the studio for the first time.

Ally Venable cranks up the heat with her latest single, “Real Gone,” performed live at Sweetwater Studios. Armed with her striking Les Paul and the full firepower of the Ally Venable Band, this high-octane track is brimming with character from its infectious melodies to its searing solo. Ally Venable’s new album, Real Gone, drops on March 24 — hear a taste today!

Texas blues virtuoso Ally Venable performs two songs live at Sweetwater Studios with her trusty band in tow. The Ally Venable Band rocks out with an original song “Heart of Fire” then takes the heat up to 11 with an immersive rendition of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Lenny” that’s packed with stirring lead lines and heartfelt emotion. Check it out!

Big shout-out to Jessica Lynn and her incredible band for their incredible performance live in the Sweetwater Studios!

Lisa Bella Donna brought her synth wizardry to Sweetwater Studios, and Sweetwater favorites Tim Pierce and Pete Thorn — along with Sweetwater’s own Jacob Dupre and Nick D’Virgilio — got a chance to play along.

Rising Arizona rock stars the Black Moods drop by Sweetwater for a performance of their latest weekend anthem “Saturday Night.” The harmonies are riveting and the energy is relentless! Footage was filmed onsite at Sweetwater Studios, one of the Midwest‘s premier recording destinations for professionals and amateurs alike. Check it out!

With a who‘s who list of collaborators under his belt — including globetrotting superstars like Lil Nas X and Harry Styles — Mike Miller has been grinding to make his name as a leading mixer in Dolby Atmos. In this video, Mike and his partner Candace Kendall discuss the Atmos mixing process, how he got his start with Atmos, and what makes this audio format so special. Check it out!

The Koch-Marshall Trio — helmed by guitarist Greg Koch and featuring his son Dylan Koch on drums and Toby Lee Marshall on organ — stopped off at Sweetwater Studios for a quick and dirty performance of two numbers from Greg‘s 2017 album Unrepentant: “Unrepentant“ and “Sweet Tea.“ Check it out!

Calvin Rodgers Plays “Earth 22” by Carlton Whitfield

It‘s time to groove! Calvin Rodgers is back for another all thriller, no filler performance, this time playing through Carlton Whitfield‘s dynamic “Earth 22.“