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We all have a few drummer jokes we could tell, but the truth is it’s no joke that a great drummer like Nick D'Virgillio, who grooves, moves and drives your tracks, is essential to a great recording. Nick knows exactly the right kit and playing style to capture your sound. It’s science. It’s art. And it’s awesome.

Online Drum Pricing

Songs under 5 minutes in length:

1—5 songs: $299/track
6 songs or more: $249/track

Songs 5—10 minutes in length:

1-5 songs: $399/track
6 songs or more: $299/track

Songs longer than 10 minutes in length:

Contact us for pricing.

What you get with Sweetwater Studios Online Drum tracks:

When we record drums tracks, we start by listening to the song (or songs) and choosing the drum set and cymbals from our extensive drum collection that we feel is most appropriate to your music, and choosing the right microphones for that particular set. Nick will play along with your track until he’s comfortable that he has captured the right performance (he may even comp multiple takes together into his final performance). We’ll deliver the drum multi-tracks to you – named properly and sent so that they’ll line up with the tracks you sent us. Depending on the musical style and the kit we choose, you may have as many as 15-20 drum tracks (including inside kick, outside kick, sub-kick, top and bottom snare mics, tom mics, a high hat mic, stereo overheads, and anywhere from one to 4 room mics).


We’ll need to have a rough mix of your song without the instrument(s) that you’d like us to record. For example, if we’re adding drums to your tracks, you’ll need to send us a rough mix without any drums, but with everything else – including vocals. If you used a click track when you recorded your song, we’ll want to know the click tempo. If you recorded a click as an audio file, send that as a second file (not as part of your rough mix).

When you print the rough mix you’re going to send to us, start it from the beginning of the session, rather than from the beginning of the song – when we send you our finished tracks, they’ll line up accurately with that rough mix. You can send us either WAV files or MP3s; either will work.

If you have ideas about what you’d like us to play, make sure we know about it. If you have specific examples, let us know – don’t be afraid to send us links of those examples along with your rough mix.

We’ll deliver your tracks – at whatever resolution you request – via Hightail; all you’ll need to do is download them and import them into your DAW.

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