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Great guitar parts need three things:  great playing, tasteful musical choices, and the right tone. From country to metal to jazz standards, Don Carr is the perfect player for your music.

Online Guitar Pricing

Acoustic Guitar(s): $99/track
Electric Guitar Rhythm Track(s): $99/track
Electric Guitar Solo(s): $99/track
Guitar Package: All necessary guitar tracks (acoustic & electric) $249/song (max. 6 tracks)

Every song is different – while one song may be finished with just an acoustic rhythm track, another may require two acoustic tracks, two electric rhythm guitar tracks, and a guitar solo. We’ll consult with you before we start on your song, to make sure that you get exactly what you need and want to have.

What you get with Sweetwater Studios Online Guitar tracks:

When we record electric guitars, we choose the appropriate amp and guitar (or guitars) from our large collection of instruments and gear, then record the guitar with two microphones on the amp – we typically use one dynamic microphone and one ribbon mic. We’ll provide you with a track for each mic. You can use either track in isolation or use both tracks, blended to taste. We usually record the guitar with effects, since Don’s performance will be influenced by the effects he chooses to use. If you want to dial up your own effects, and for those who prefer to re-amp electric guitars, we will also give you the raw guitar tracks, recorded with a DI.

When recording acoustic guitars, we’ll choose the instrument that best complements your song and typically record it with a couple of our favorite small-diaphragm microphones, then send you the results as two mono files


We’ll need to have a rough mix of your song without the instrument(s) that you’d like us to record. For example, if we’re adding electric guitars to your tracks, you’ll need to send us a rough mix without any electric guitars, but with everything else – including vocals. If you used a click track when you recorded your song, we’ll want to know the click tempo. If you recorded a click as an audio file, send that as a second file (not as part of your rough mix).

When you print the rough mix you’re going to send to us, start it from the beginning of the session, rather than from the beginning of the song – when we send you our finished tracks, they’ll line up accurately with that rough mix. You can send us either WAV files or MP3s; either will work.

If you have ideas about what you’d like us to play, make sure we know about it. If you have specific examples, let us know – don’t be afraid to send us links of those examples along with your rough mix.

We’ll deliver your tracks – at whatever resolution you request – via Hightail; all you’ll need to do is download them and import them into your DAW.

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