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Need keys? Whether you need the perfect piano part, funky B3, or a modern electronic sound to enhance your songs, we’ve got you covered. From our incredible Yamaha C7, vintage keyboards like our Fender Rhodes Suitcase, Wurlitzer A200, and our 1963 mint Hammond B3 Organ to the myriad of virtual instruments we have access to, we can bring your tracks to life with inspiring playing and sounds.

Online Keyboard Pricing

Online Keyboard Pricing

Piano, Rhodes, Wurly, Organ Virtual Instrument and and synthesizer tracks: $99/per track

Premium MIDI Piano Recording:

If you’re using a Virtual Instrument piano in your own recordings, consider taking advantage of our stellar in-house Yamaha DC-7 Mark IV Pro Disklavier Grand Piano (We’ve been referring to our piano as a C-7, but that’s its full title), meticulously recorded using some of the finest microphones in the world, in Sweetwater's Russ Berger designed Studio-A.
Send us your MIDI piano tracks, and we’ll capture all of the nuances of your own performance, recorded (through the magic of technology), on our wonderful sounding Yamaha grand piano!

What you get with Sweetwater Studios Online Keyboard tracks:

When you have us play one of our vintage keyboards on your track, we will send you .wav files – We record our Yamaha C-7 with a stereo pair of microphones, and send you the stereo file. Our Fender Rhodes is a stereo instrument, so you’ll get a stereo file. The Wurlitzer electric piano has a monophonic output, so we’ll send you a mono file for your use. We record our Hammond B-3 with three microphones (top left, top right, and bottom) so that’s how you get the recorded tracks.

If you have us record virtual instruments for you, we’ll send you both a stereo .wav file of the instrument as well as the underlying MIDI file – this way, you’ll get not only what we feel is the most appropriate sounds for your song, you’ll also have the ability to experiment with your own Virtual Instruments.


We’ll need to have a rough mix of your song without the instrument(s) that you’d like us to record. For example, if we’re adding keyboards to your tracks, you’ll need to send us a rough mix without any keyboards, but with everything else – including vocals. If you used a click track when you recorded your song, we’ll want to know the click tempo. If you recorded a click as an audio file, send that as a second file (not as part of your rough mix).

When you print the rough mix you’re going to send to us, start it from the beginning of the session, rather than from the beginning of the song – when we send you our finished tracks, they’ll line up accurately with that rough mix. You can send us either WAV files or MP3s; either will work.

If you have ideas about what you’d like us to play, make sure we know about it. If you have specific examples, let us know – don’t be afraid to send us links of those examples along with your rough mix.

We’ll deliver your tracks – at whatever resolution you request – via Hightail; all you’ll need to do is download them and import them into your DAW.

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