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Online Mastering Services

It’s often said that in life, business, and music, investing in the last 10% is what makes the difference between success and failure. We agree. We’ve seen it too many times. An artist makes an investment in an album, but chooses not to master the work. To be blunt, it’s a mistake, and it’s an amateur move. If you’re serious about your music competing with the pros, you’ve got to finish your work like a pro. We can help. It’s a decision you will never regret.

Online Mastering Process:
1. Define the number of songs to be mastered and provide as much information as possible about the song(s).
2. Upload audio files
3. Pay for job with check card, credit card or Sweetwater Card, using secure system. Mastered song(s) will be ready for download within seven business days.

Online Mastering Pricing

$99 per song. This price includes EQ setup, one round of EQ and editing tweaks, and delivery of the project as a DDP-reference or as a set of wav files. If the client would rather have a physical audio CD master we can substitute this for the DDP but will need to charge an additional $25 for express mail delivery. For clients distributing through CD Baby or Tunecore, Sweetwater Studios is certified to perform Apple’s Mastered for iTunes (MFiT) process. We can offer an iTunes MFiT file set for an additional $400.
Satisfaction Guaranteed: In line with the Sweetwater Difference, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. A time-limited version of the first song/mix (for example, the first two minutes of the song with a fade out) will be provided for the customer to approve. If the customer has some notes, feedback, etc.— great, we continue to move forward. If the customer isn’t satisfied and we feel there is no way to make them happy, we issue a full refund.

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