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Well balanced. Full-bodied. Perfectly blended. It may be an accurate description of the perfect cup of gourmet coffee, but it’s also the character of a great mix. With literally thousands of mixes, hundreds of records, and dozens of awards under their belts, Sweetwater’s team of seasoned studio engineers is ready to mix your recordings to satisfy your highest expectations. 
Online Mixing Process:
1. Define the number of multitracks and length of the song(s) to be mixed. Provide as much information as possible about the song(s).
2. Upload audio files
3. Pay for job with check card, credit card, or Sweetwater Card using secure system. Mixed song(s) will be ready for download within 10 business days.

Online Mixing Pricing

Songs under 5 min.
1—8 tracks $99 per song
9—16 tracks: $249 per song
17—24 tracks: $399 per song
25—48 tracks: $499 per song
49+ tracks: Contact us for pricing.

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