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A Different Kind of Studio

In today’s music business, specialization seems to be the name of the game. Everywhere you look, there is another niche studio specializing in a specific genre – rock, country, classical – and they all say the same thing, “We know how to record your genre of music.” And they do. They have found a formula that consistently turns out rock albums that sound like rock albums, country albums that sound like country albums. But here’s the thing: if you record at a studio that specializes in “rock” music, for example, your album is going to sound like every other “rock” album that studio has recorded. Your songs will remind people of someone else. Is that really what you’re looking for? Sweetwater Studios is a totally different experience.

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Jonatha Brooke

"Recording at Sweetwater Studios was a beautiful, painless process! Mark Hornsby and his team—we caught a vibe and had a blast. The musicians there brought so much amazing virtuosity to the table. And it rolled out from there. And suddenly we had this really cool record! I love recording there."

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Our Unique Approach

We don’t chase what’s hot and try to replicate it. We don’t focus solely on a single genre of music. We specialize in sound – more specifically, your sound. We take a pro-active, collaborative approach to help you find it, hone it, and perfect it. We do this with a deep, in-house roster of award-winning musical and engineering talent surrounded by world-class facilities and state-of-the-art technology. We create an experience that’s like no other, so you get a sound that’s all your own – not someone else’s.

Capture a sound that’s all your own

Your music is who you are. It’s your identity. Think of it as your personal brand. And you want it to be memorable, unique. It should tell people everything about you that you want them to know. You’ll know it when you hear it – sort of like your own definition of perfect. We can help you find that sound.

It all starts with pre-production. Before the red light goes on, we take the time to learn about you and what your goals are. And if you’re not totally sure, we can help you figure it out. Making music is a very personal process and we pride ourselves on building the kind of relationships that can be heard in the final product. Once we understand where you want to go, we work backwards to create a plan, and then set a course to help you get there.

Recording ultimately comes down to finding the right combination of people, equipment, and space. We’ve gone to great lengths to create a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, people who have worked with lots of different styles of music and a wide range of artists. We’ve invested in the best gear, some of which cannot be found anywhere else. We’ve built state-of-the-art rooms designed by world-renowned sound experts. In short, we’ve found the winning combination for recording music, and the results are stunning.

Mixing is next. The difference between a pretty good record and a really great record is a killer mix. This is where the art of making music really starts to dominate the science of sound. Of course, we have the gear, but what we really bring to the table is years of expertise. We know how to highlight the best part of your music, injecting the right balance, punch, and depth to make your music stand out from all the rest.

The final touch is mastering, which is the part where individually recorded songs are artfully transformed into a collection of music that sounds cohesive from beginning to end. It’s the shaping of each track, balancing the level and tone from song to song. Mastering is one of the most misunderstood, yet most important processes in music production. When it’s done right, you’ll definitely know the difference!