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Angela Palivos

Angela Palivos

Angela Palivos is an American singer-songwriter, small business owner, wife, and mother of 5. When Angela was growing up, it didn’t matter what she was doing; it had a melody. Every moment an opportunity for a song to be sung. She spent most of her teenage years performing every Tuesday at the open jam nights at a small restaurant that her mother hosted in central Illinois. She was strongly influenced by the local, “old timer” musicians that would come and perform at that restaurant, as well as at Cowboy church. Angela has been writing songs since she was 16 years old and as a self-taught musician she has created a unique style that she refers to as “Gypsy Blues”. Over the past few years, she decided that it was time to pursue her songwriting career and started putting together a home studio. A dream shared with her husband, Kevin Sisney, who is also a singer/songwriter and the co-writer of “Reason”. During this process, she entered her first contest with Sweetwater and was thrilled to learn that she was one of the three selected winners of the 2021 Songwriter contest.

Visit Angela’s Website

Visit Angela’s Website

Release Date: November 19, 2021

Angela Palivos - Reason

About the Album

I was working on my album “Gypsy Blues” when I learned of Sweetwater’s song writing contest. I had just finished writing “Reason” within a day or two of the deadline, so I entered it. I had this nice smooth progression that needed a melody and lyrics, so I pulled out my notebooks full of one liners and partial songs and it all just came together.

“Reason” is a very mixed emotion song, where you see an individual really struggling with the overwhelming feeling of just being stuck and having no words to explain. She recognized she needed to re-live her past to be able to move forward. Eventually, you see her stand up to her oppressor and has a firm understanding that “Nothing is real”.

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