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Lori Beth Brooke

Lori Beth Brooke

Lori Beth Brooke is an accordionist, yodeler, singer, and songwriter from Austin, Texas. A native Texan with German heritage, she grew up on a dairy farm in Nordheim, just southeast of San Antonio. 

Lori Beth started playing piano before she started elementary school. Then, at seven, she was finally big enough to hold an accordion and learned to play her first polka from the Palmer-Hughes series. By age 12, she was writing her own songs. 

Lori Beth graduated with a BA in Music and a MS in Computer Information Systems. She now works in the computer industry managing a database team for the data analytics division at an Austin-based company. 

However, Lori Beth’s true calling is music, and, during the past 20 years, she has performed in a broad range of genres: classical, big band, German folk, country, and, most recently, Western music. 

Learning to yodel after college, Lori Beth has used this unique singing technique extensively in both German folk music and Western music. In 2016, the International Western Music Association named Lori Beth Female Yodeler of the Year. 

Lori Beth continues to write songs and believes that the Western music genre allows her to realize her full potential as both a songwriter and a performer.

Artist Website: https://www.LoriBethBrooke.com


Texas Star
Release Date: August 20, 2020

Lori Beth Brooke - Texas Star


  1. Insomnia Swing *
  2. His Song *
  3. Guys Love Chicks Who Yodel *
  4. My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time
  5. Hang On Cowboy *
  6. Knock, Knock *
  7. A Good Man Is Hard to Find
  8. Cowgirl Outfit *
  9. Bride of the Brazos *
  10. Full Moon Full of Love
  11. You Make Me Feel Something *
  12. Texas Star *
  13. Cumana
  14. What Must I Do to Be A Cowgirl *
  15. That’s How the Yodel Was Born

* Indicates an original song written by Lori Beth Brooke

About the Album

I have been writing songs since I was a kid, so completing this album of mostly original songs is a dream finally realized. Ten of the 15 tracks are originals, some of which tell true stories from my life, and some of which are complete fancy and fabrication. 

I grew up in South Central Texas, so I had heard Western and Western swing music in my formative years. But, starting in 2013, I began listening, studying, and learning about performing these genres. I realized pretty quickly that the songs I’d been writing all along that didn’t seem to fit into the country genre had a clear home in Western and Western awing. Apparently, this music had been sinking into my subconscious, influencing my songwriting. You will discover that the soulful songs on the album are balanced out by fun and playful tunes,  a pretty clear indication of my sense of humor. If I make you laugh a little, and maybe shed a tear, I have done my job!

Recording at Sweetwater Studios was a clear highlight in this project. I cannot say enough about the quality of the engineering, facility, equipment, and talent that made the music come to life. I wish I could record every week! Check out the dream team that made this possible!


  • Lead Vocals – Lori Beth Brooke, Jim Winters (#6)
  • Yodel Harmony – Judy Coder (#2), Lori Beth Brooke (#3)
  • Harmony/Group Vocals – Leo Eilts, 3 Trails West (#2,5,6,8); Roger Eilts (#2,5,6,8); Jim Winters (#2,5,8);  Bobby Dellarocco (#3); Carolyn Martin (#1); Bob Bailey (#1); Jimmy Blankenship (#1)
  • Accordion – Lori Beth Brooke
  • Fiddle and Mandolin – Justin Branum
  • GuitarDon Carr
  • Steel Guitar – Mike Sweeney
  • Upright BassDave Martin


  • ProducerDave Martin
  • Engineer –  Dave Martin,  Bobby Dellarocco
  • Photography – Carolyn Morehead, 7L Photography
  • Graphic Design – Jennifer Epps, Notable Exceptions
  • Mastering – Jerry Tubbs, Terra Nova Mastering
  • Recording Studio –  Sweetwater Studios, Fort Wayne, IN



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