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New Haven

New Haven

New Haven is a Hard Rock/Metal band from Ohio with a distinct sound all their own. Founded in 2012, New Haven is a hybrid blend of various rock genres.  They are the product of bands such as A Day to Remember and Bullet for my Valentine as well as many other hard-rock favorites: Stone Sour, Papa Roach, Godsmack, and Chevelle. Their versatility onstage allows them to play to varying audiences as they hold their own with national acts, selling out their local venues. In the last two years, NEW HAVEN has played with several national acts: Buckcherry, Ice Nine Kills, Slaves, Secrets, Tantric, and many more! The list grows as they continue their momentum! With a powerful and energetic set and an outstanding light and effects show, they showcase their music, guaranteed to entertain and make the audience feel like they are part of the NH family.

New Haven is:
Troy Ferguson – Vocals
Shawn Taylor – Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Bryant Walters – Lead/Rhythm Guitar
John-Mark Howley – Bass Guitar
Zack Iiames – Drums, Vocals 

The Party’s Over
Release Date: February 7, 2020

About the Album

The Party’s Over was an album that allowed the band to reflect on what was happening during this portion of their lives. A couple of the members were going through rough patches in their lives while recording and creating this album. The band decided to go down a darker path with the lyrics, most of which had already been written by Troy prior to recording. The album art and concept needed to be representative of this darker path. We decided on a horror theme with a little of IT and Michael Myers involved. The album is designed around a child, similar to Michael Myers, who kills everyone at his birthday party and is sent away to an asylum. We created three music videos to create the story line, which can be viewed on our YouTube channel. There is a teaser video that sets up the story. “Cardiac” then takes you to the asylum, and it concludes with “Fire!”!

This EP will take you in a heavier direction than that of the previous Within Us All EP. However, we wanted to stick to our hard rock/metal roots. It was the first album that featured their new guitarists Bryant Walters and Shawn Taylor. This was the band’s first EP that was a total collaboration from everyone in every aspect of the music. This EP helped define the band and allowed them to find their tone. With a blend of hard rock and alternative metal, it allows anyone who loves the rock genre to enjoy and feel the music.

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