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Each of our three studios are world-class acoustic spaces built to accommodate a wide variety of recording projects; designed by the world-renowned Russ Berger Design Group, our studios are versatile enough for anything from singer/songwriters to 10 piece groups – and when you add in our 250 seat Performance Theatre (which is connected to Studio A via audio tie lines and high definition video), we can even handle choirs, orchestral groups, big bands, and other large ensembles. Whatever your needs, we have the right space for you.

Studio A

Studio A houses our largest recording studio. Its dynamic live room can easily accommodate full bands or other large ensembles. Not only does it have two isolation booths, but Studio A is also connected through tie lines to the booths in Studios B and C. And it’s tied into our Performance Theatre, which can be used as a soundstage. Studio A’s control room features a completely custom Neve/Avid System 6 system and a stack of high-end preamps and processors, with a 2.1 system of ATC SCM150ASL and sub and also Focal SM9 monitors.

Studio B

Studio B, a more intimate workspace than studio A, is perfect for overdubbing, editing, and mixing. Built around an SSL AWS 948 Delta in-line analog console and DAW controller, it’s equipped with Pro Tools|HD and Focusrite RedNet audio interfaces, with both ATC SCM45A and JBL LSR305 monitors.

Studio C

Studio C is our mixing and mastering suite. Equipped with ATC SCM25A monitors and a comprehensive collection of Dangerous Music gear, Studio C sounds incredible. The Studio C iso booth is great for voice-overs as well as for vocal and instrumental overdubs.

Performance Theatre

Our 250-seat Performance Theatre is an incredible space for recording live shows and performance groups such as choirs, an orchestra, and big bands. The Performance Theatre is connected to Studio A, allowing groups to use the theatre’s stage while also utilizing the tools available in our largest control room. The LARES system in the theatre utilizes over 120 speakers, surrounding the audience and artist with “acoustic magic,” giving us the capability to dynamically change the sound and feel of the theatre from a small intimate setting to a stadium-sized venue or any size in between. Unlike traditional reverb, where the effect is directed “at you” to create space, the LARES system surrounds you with perfectly timed reflections, bathing you in the sound and feel of whatever room size and sound makes sense for your music.