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Shawn Dealey

Shawn Dealey
Producer/ Mixer / Chief Engineer

Shawn Dealey’s passionate approach to audio surfaced at an early age, so it’s not surprising he started his career in the music industry at 16. The allure of the recording studio couldn’t be denied so he started collecting gear and put together his first home studio during his teens. He learned the basics of recording in a high school music production class, and recognized that he was destined for the studio. In 2005, he built out his first commercial studio and opened Prairie Recording Company in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Hosting clients like The Weakerthans, KEN mode, and Los Lobos, Prairie Recording was soon recognized nationally in the Canadian music industry. When not in the studio, Shawn was spent his time touring the world as a backline technician and playback engineer. Touring with international artists, such as Avril Lavigne and Goo Goo Dolls, he had toured in 49 countries before even turning 20 years old. During his time on the road, Shawn learned as much as he could from the talented engineers and artists he encountered. Around 2009, he shifted his touring focus to mixing front of house. After working with the Counting Crows for a few years as a technician, he co-produced their album Underwater Sunshine and started mixing front of house for the band. This opportunity combined his passion for studio engineering and live mixing, allowing him to share his mixing skills with an audience every night! (All of Shawn’s Counting Crows shows from 2014-2017 are available for download at livecountingcrows.com)

Shawn’s engineering can be heard on projects with industry heavyweights such as Gavin Brown, Rob Cavallo, Rob Wells, Steve Albini, and Brian Deck. He’s contributed to numerous albums that have garnered nominations for the Polaris Music Prize, charted on the Billboard Top 10, and Earshot Canadian College Radio charts, and many have won multiple Western Canadian Music Awards.

Living in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Shawn’s home base is at Sweetwater Studios where he brings high quality engineering and mixing to studio recordings, and has been pushing the boundaries of Dolby Atmos mixing with his recent work.

Shawn has worked with Counting Crows, Animals As Leaders, Jared James Nichols, Helios, Hazelrigg Brothers, Lusine, Aja Monet, Intervals, Bootsy Collins, We Came As Romans, Stu Hamm, Jess Meuse, Steve Hackett, Black Heart Saints, Oz Noy, Spock’s Beard, Beth Hart, Doc Walker, Propagandhi, Julie Doiron, Imaginary Cities, KEN mode, The Treble, The Proud Sons, Del Barber, Duotang and many more.