Master Class

With Black Heart Saints and Shawn Dealey

Dialing in the Dirt with Texas-born Rockers Black Heart Saints

Spend three days in a world-class studio with relentless Texas rockers Black Heart Saints, learning the intricacies of tracking, editing, mixing, and more from producer/engineer Shawn Dealey. While the band fills the studio with hair-raising vocals and a helter-skelter classic rock sound, Shawn will guide you through every step of the recording process and teach you how to conquer the chaos and dial in the dirt.

Don’t miss this opportunity to sit in on an incredible 3-day recording session and learn how to capture a clean track without compromising on rock ’n’ roll’s filth and ferocity.

April 23–25

at Sweetwater


$595 Per Person

Classes fill up fast — reserve your spot today!

Email or call (800) 386-6434 to register.

Topics & Techniques We’ll Cover

Day 1 — Thursday

The Basics of Tracking a Session

// Setting up a tracking session
// Choosing mics and positioning them for the best sound
// EQing instrument sounds in the studio
// Choosing the right outboard gear and where to patch it in
// Setting up headphone mixes
// Keeping musicians inspired
// Tracking session with Shawn and the band
// Special meet-and-greet dinner with the band

Day 2 — Friday

Overdubbing, Comping, and Preparing Tracks for Mixing

// Auditioning different mics and processing chains
// Overdubbing instruments, multiple takes, and more
// Comping tracks — how to choose and assemble the best takes
// Editing and finessing tracks with Pro Tools and third-party plug-ins
// Prepping tracks for the mix session

Day 3 — Saturday

Mixing to Yield Professional-sounding Results

// How and when to use compression, EQ, and effects
// Setting up a mix, including routing and grouping in your DAW
// Fine-tuning instruments and vocals with EQ and compression
// Employing automation to enhance the mixing process
// Connecting outboard gear across your mix bus
// Getting the most out of bus compression/processing
// Making the final tweaks: how to decide when the mix is done
// Deciding whether or not you need professional mastering
// Knowing what mixes and mix versions you need to send to mastering

Meet The Artist — Black Heart Saints

This powerhouse rock quartet is a case of Texas TNT set to blow, and lately they’ve been detonating their dangerously dirty classic rock sound across the country opening for arena acts such as Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators, Sevendust, Pop Evil, and more. These riotous rockers take fans on a thrilling throwback to the glory days of rock ’n’ roll, reminding us all that rock gods still walk the earth — and their long list of music awards, impressive résumé packed with event headlining appearances, and back-to-back schedule of touring dates is proof that these hard rock heavyweights have what it takes to become the next big thing.

Shawn Dealey

Meet The Instructor — Shawn Dealey

After taking a music production class in high school, Shawn began engineering for local bands and opened his first studio in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, when he was 20 years old. He played drums, produced, and engineered his way to a string of professional touring tech jobs with a host of big-name artists such as Counting Crows, Goo Goo Dolls, Avril Lavigne, Santana, All American Rejects, and Billy Talent. Now he works at Sweetwater Studios as a producer, engineer, and front of house mixer for several of Sweetwater’s venues, including the new Clyde Theatre.

Classes fill up fast — reserve your spot today!

Email or call (800) 386-6434 to register.

About Sweetwater Studios Master Class

Many of the world’s greatest engineers and producers were coached by mentors in the moment, learning their trade and tackling new techniques in live studio sessions. Sweetwater Studios Master Classes give us a chance to carry on that tradition and to impart our industry knowledge in a real-world setting that’s informative, exciting, and accessible to anyone who’s passionate about making great recordings.

We’re honored to host incredible performers from a wide variety of genres, to employ professional instructors with years of experience and lengthy lists of credits, and to invite you to this hands-on and ears-on learning opportunity in our world-class, multi-studio facility.

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