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Greg Jones

Playing the famous Mrs. Mills piano
at Abbey Road Studios.

Doug Strahm

Award winning singer & Songwriter, born and raised in Fort Wayne, IN, Doug Strahm grew up in an Italian Catholic household knowing early in his life that he was different from what society expected. He began singing at the age of five to local neighbors for .25 cents a song.

Raised to march to the drum beat of family and social expectations, he married and fathered three children. At the age of 23, he divorced and gained full custody of his children – a 23 year old single father with two of his three toddlers still in diapers.

He spent his early years writing jingles and video commercials for local businesses while he owned and operated a critically acclaimed Italian restaurant. During this time he also was very involved with Nashville songwriting seminars, networking and writing with independent artists and publishers. He continued to write, work his restaurant, do studio work, and raise his children. Then, in 1996 he met his husband of 25 years and began writing songs of his truth to the LGBTQ community. Strahm began his first musical project at Sweetwater in 1980 and has continued recording there on every project since. His first release “Everything Has Changed” resulted in a viral music video which caught the attention of major publications around the world including, Huff Post, M Music & Musicians, and many LGBTQ publications such as, Towleroad, The Good Men Project, DanNation, Him Magazine and countless blogs, which garnered Strahm a very loyal following in the the LGBTQ community.

Strahm continues to perform at selected PRIDE and LGBTQ events and spends most of his creative time writing and recording new music. In Strahm’s words – “I firmly believe a time is coming where a man can sing about the man he loves and no one will bat an eye. Until then, I will proudly keep carrying that banner.”

Artist Website: https://www.dougstrahm.com


Long Long Road
Release Date: March 28, 2021

Greg Jones and Slant Six - Sugga & Moments Like These

About the Album

On Long Long Road, for the first time, Strahm teamed up with his good friend and guitar player, Phil Rich, to write a combination of twelve new Americana/Rock songs for the album that are now getting streamed throughout the world. Strahm says, this is the project I am most proud of. Phil and I spent countless hours writing and nailing down every note before we went into the studio, and it really produced a great album. Additionally, the great team at Sweetwater is simply amazing at what they do and the album sounds great!

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