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Welcome to Sweetwater Studios.

The Sound of…You!

There’s a moment — when it all comes together. When the end result is more than the sum of its parts. It’s like capturing lightning in a bottle.

Whether it’s your very first recording or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s no substitute for the magic that happens when you’re making great music in a great studio. It’s an experience you never forget. And it’s what separates incredible, memorable recordings from all the rest.

At Sweetwater Studios, we have one mission — to make recordings that sound like a million bucks but don’t cost nearly that much. With our expertly designed recording rooms and near-limitless supply of awesome gear, our world-class team of musicians, producers, and engineers have everything it takes to record, mix, and master.

We’re housed on the campus of world-renowned Sweetwater Sound, which includes a beautiful Music Store and an enormous warehouse filled with the country’s largest collection of music gear under one roof. It’s a magical place!

Sweetwater Studios — a unique, inspiring environment. Perfect for making your music, amazing music.

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