Our Team

We’ve worked in studios around the world and with every kind of performer, from symphony orchestras to country greats, Grammy-winning pop stars to powerhouse singer/songwriters, and some of the most riotous rock bands in modern music.

Our commitment to incredible sound works in harmony with our commitment to our clients’ satisfaction. Your experience with Sweetwater Studios should be constructive and uncomplicated, and you can always count on us to do the right thing.

Shawn Dealey

Producer / Mixer / Chief Engineer

Shawn Dealey’s passionate approach to audio surfaced at an early age, so it’s not surprising he started his career in the music industry at 16. The allure of the recording studio couldn’t be denied so he started collecting gear and put together his first home studio during his teens. He learned the basics of recording in a high school music production class, and recognized that he was destined for the studio. In 2005, he built out his first commercial studio and opened Prairie Recording Company in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Hosting clients like The Weakerthans, KEN mode, and Los Lobos, Prairie Recording was soon recognized nationally in the Canadian music industry. When not in the studio, Shawn was spent his time touring the world as a backline technician and playback engineer. Touring with international artists, such as Avril Lavigne and Goo Goo Dolls, he had toured in 49 countries before even turning 20 years old. During his time on the road, Shawn learned as much as he could from the talented engineers and artists he encountered. Around 2009, he shifted his touring focus to mixing front of house. After working with the Counting Crows for a few years as a technician, he co-produced their album Underwater Sunshine and started mixing front of house for the band. This opportunity combined his passion for studio engineering and live mixing, allowing him to share his mixing skills with an audience every night! (All of Shawn’s Counting Crows shows from 2014-2017 are available for download at livecountingcrows.com)

Shawn’s engineering can be heard on projects with industry heavyweights such as Gavin Brown, Rob Cavallo, Rob Wells, Steve Albini, and Brian Deck. He’s contributed to numerous albums that have garnered nominations for the Polaris Music Prize, charted on the Billboard Top 10, and Earshot Canadian College Radio charts, and many have won multiple Western Canadian Music Awards.

Living in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Shawn’s home base is at Sweetwater Studios where he brings high quality engineering and mixing to studio recordings, and has been pushing the boundaries of Dolby Atmos mixing with his recent work.

Shawn has worked with Counting Crows, Animals As Leaders, Jared James Nichols, Helios, Hazelrigg Brothers, Lusine, Aja Monet, Intervals, Bootsy Collins, We Came As Romans, Stu Hamm, Jess Meuse, Steve Hackett, Black Heart Saints, Oz Noy, Spock’s Beard, Beth Hart, Doc Walker, Propagandhi, Julie Doiron, Imaginary Cities, KEN mode, The Treble, The Proud Sons, Del Barber, Duotang and many more.

Jason Peets

Producer / Mixer / Engineer

At Sweetwater Studios, Jason has worked on countless projects for major artists, independent musicians, and commercial clients. His exceptional attention to detail and technical expertise have made him a valuable asset to the Sweetwater team.

In addition to his work as an audio engineer and producer, Jason is also a skilled musician and songwriter. This hands-on experience as a musician gives Jason a unique perspective and understanding of the recording process, allowing him to bring out the best in his clients’ performances.

Throughout his career, Jason has been committed to staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and techniques in the industry. He is a lifelong learner and is always looking for ways to improve his craft and provide his clients with the highest quality recordings and productions.

With his extensive experience, technical expertise, and commitment to excellence, Jason is a top choice for anyone looking for an experienced and talented audio engineer or producer. Contact him today to discuss your next project.

Julie Doust

Studio Operations Manager

Julie Doust has been keeping the studio running smoothly for over 25 years. When it comes to scheduling, invoicing, and the studio’s day-to-day operations, Julie is the one working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure our clients are happy and projects are progressing as they should. She’s a multitasking maven and great at figuring out solutions to just about any snag we’ve ever come across.

Her favorite part about the job? Tracking day. “Seeing the huge smile on our client’s face, seeing their dreams become a reality — it’s a pretty cool feeling.”

When asked to pick a favorite album, Julie finds it difficult — it changes all the time! Currently, she’s listening to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, Queen’s Platinum Collection, and Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers’ Greatest Hits.

Samantha Hunter

Studio General Manager

As the General Manager of Sweetwater Studios, Samantha is deeply involved in the business development of the studios, along with her responsibilities in artist relations and event production, she plays a pivotal role in curating and cultivating the vibrant music community here. Leveraging the brand’s reputation and strategic partnerships, she consistently provides world-class opportunities for artists, ensuring that every visit to Sweetwater Studios is nothing short of extraordinary.

Samantha’s visionary approach and unwavering commitment to excellence have elevated Sweetwater Studios to the forefront of the industry. Her ability to cultivate meaningful connections and create unparalleled experiences sets a new standard for artist development and engagement.
With Samantha at the helm, Sweetwater Studios continues to thrive as a hub of creativity and innovation, empowering artists to realize their full potential and achieve their artistic ambitions.