Studio B

Stereo and Dolby Atmos on a 9.1.4 PMC system.

Studio B

Stereo and Dolby Atmos on a 9.1.4 PMC system.

Dolby Atmos in its finest form.

The pinnacle of immersive.

PMC Speakers have become the golden standard for Dolby Atmos music production. Studio B was designed to match the flagship rooms in the world’s most legendary studios, providing a mix environment once known only by a lucky few.

The Gear

Speakers and Monitoring

  • PMC 8-2 XBD (2)
  • PMC 8-2
  • PMC twotwo.Sub2 (4)
  • PMC Ci65 (10)
  • ATC SCM20ASL Pro mk2 6.5 inch Powered Studio Monitors
  • Apple Air Pods Max
  • Audeze MM-500 Headphones
  • Avid S1 Controller
  • Aviom A360 Personal Monitor Mixers (4)
  • Aviom D800-Dante 16-channel Headphone Distribution System (2)

Outboard Gear

  • Bettermaker Mastering Limiter 2.0
  • Burl Audio B2 Bomber ADC 2-channel AD Converter
  • Crane Song HEDD 192 AD/DA Converter
  • Crane Song STC-8 Limiter
  • DAD 8 Channel Mic Preamp
  • Dangerous Convert 2
  • DW Fearn VT-5 Stereo Tube Equalizer
  • DW Fearn VT-7 Dual-channel Tube Compressor
  • GML 8200 2-channel Parametric EQ
  • Maag Audio MAGNUM-K Single Channel Compressor (2)
  • Rupert Neve Designs 5057 Orbit Summing Mixer
  • Rupert Neve Designs Headphone Amp
  • Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Master Buss Processor


  • Apple Mac Studio
  • Avid MTRX Converters 10×24 with SPQ and Dante
  • Avid Pro Tools Ultimate/HDX
  • Universal Audio UAD-2 OCTO (2)

Equipment List